The feeling of home

Vicks vapour rub
Nivea hand cream
Three Flowers lipstick
Woods Peppermint Cure
Friar’s Balsam
Eiderdown quilt
Warm oats porridge
Hand knitted cardigan
Woollen wrap scarf
Hot chicken soup

I’m ill…the dreaded lurgy caught up with me and threw my aching frame into bed. The doctor confirmed this unfortunate state of ill-health and added to the woe – antibiotics.

What does one do when thus confined? Propped up on pillows three, the blue mountain on the other side of bedroom window beckons. As I climb, in mind’s eye, its gentle slopes, the thickness in my head resides and the mist of yesterday lifts.

A child in large bed, hidden under blankets of wool…coughing and red with fever. A mother, dark haired with gentle touch, soothes the little mite. Coaxing – one more spoonful, one more bite. Promises of tomorrow’s better health, romping out of doors.

Would that she through these doors would walk and my sick room enter. Oh Sweetheart, there you are! How ill you look, but soon I’ll make you better.

In mind’s eye I reach the peak of mountain blue and from this height am able to better see, a clearer view. There in the distance, so long ago, a loving mother waving back at me.